MBA (Master of Business Administration)

This internationally acclaimed degree has been redesigned to reflect the evolving nature of business and the global challenges facing business leaders. It focuses on developing strategic analytical skills, business intuition, and enquiring and adaptive thinking. It provides essential core business knowledge and understanding with a strong emphasis on developing the applied managerial skills vital for effective business leaders. Your communication, negotiation and facilitating skills will be nurtured and enhanced.


A multi-lingual, metropolitan city with the moniker Silicon City attached to it, Bangalore also has a rich heritage of Management Education. The sheer concentration of corporate stakeholders with offices in Bangalore, as well as the abundance of development centers, provide lucrative employment opportunities.


The final MBA degree is awarded by UWS. UWS is a British Government University. The degree is the same as the one awarded to its students studying in the UK. These degrees are issued independently of bodies like AICTE / UGC.

Eligibility criteria

Bachelors’ degree from a recognized university with good grades (should be equivalent to a UK Bachelors (Hons) degree)

At least 21 years old at the time of admission
* Enrolled Students will be initially registered on a Postgraduate Diploma programme.

  1. Course
  2. Core modules
  3. Integration of Business Functions (10 credits)
  4. Analytical Thinking and Decision Making (20 Credits)
  1. Managing Organizational Health (20 Credits)
  2. Creativity and Business Wealth (20 Credits)
  3. Influencing organizational Strategy (20 Credits)
  4. Electives to choose from the following - combination of any 3.
  5. Advanced Financial Functions (10 Credits)
  6. Global Financial Systems (10 Credits)
  7. New Venture Creation (10 Credits)
  8. Business Creativity (10 Credits)

Final Term: Strategic Business Project (60 Credits)

* Course fee may be subject to change. This document does not form part of any contract between you and the university
** Modules listed above may vary based on the discretion of the University.


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