Work & Learn

Work and Learn University Education has the following salient features:

  1. Working in the environment that they wish to make a career in
  2. Paid internship from Day 1
  3. Master’s degree from UK
  4. Placement in a product company even before completing the course
  5. Ideal environment for aspirants to gain hands on experience enabling them to open their own entrepreneurial product company
  6. Industry ready as compared to the average pass-out

Students that have successfully completed the programs have the following options:

  1. Get placed in the same company that offered internship for a fixed salary (25-50K)
  2. Choose to work with another company within the same industry because student is industry ready
  3. Entrepreneurial support –provide incubation to help student develop his own product/team

We aspire to bring about several programs from various spheres. Our initial offering will be

Course is apt for:

Individuals who want a Foreign Degree Exposure

Students wanting to study work relevant technology

Working Individuals seeking to upskill themselves

Budding entrepreneur seeking a firm base in product development

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